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image Radiologists have the key role in Teleradiology. However, conventional Teleradiology systems have been too costly and too complex for a radiologist or small groups of radiologists to use. In addition, such systems were not flexible enough to utilize the best viewers and reporting systems. ICHIGO addresses these issues and more.

If you are a radiologist who would like to:

  • Operate a Teleradiology service company by yourself or in a small group,
  • Provide Teleradiology services personally in addition to your regular job,
  • Connect securely to your home and hospital to review radiology studies,
  • Outsource difficult studies to reliable specialist radiologists,
  • Consult with other radiologists,
  • Help other radiologists with your specialty, or
  • Have someone to pinch-hit, or pinch-hit for someone,

Then, you should consider ICHIGO.
If your hospital needs to:

  • Connect securely with outside reliable radiologists,
  • Needs to connect with and share images with affiliate hospitals, or
  • Have requirements to provide assistance to your overloaded, fulltime radiologists,

Then, please consult with ICHIGO.
If you are a Radiology Group using another system, you can take advantage of ICHIGO as a secondary system and link up with other medical groups to expand your radiology practice.
ICHIGO continues to enhance and build out Teleradiology networks with Radiologists having the key role in design. Our goal is to continue to help advance medical services in Japan and throughout the world. We highly appreciate your passionate support and look forward to your participation.

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